Website Services Survey

While some of the questions in this survey might seem irrelevant, your answers will help us to understand your initial skills level before we get started on any projects with you.

We can provide the resources you may need to help you master your website project.

These are questions that will help us to provide services and information specifically designed for you.

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Do you want to compare our hosting service pricing to your current service? YesNo

What type of base coding is used on your current site?

Do you already have any of the following software and you know how to use it? MS Office Word (word processing program)MS Office Excel (electronic spreadsheet program)MS Office Access (databases)MS Outlook (email client program)MS FrontPage for website design and editingMS Expression Web for website design and editingAdobe Photo Shop for editing image filesAdobe Dreamweaver for website design and editingAdobe Flash Pro for making animated image filesAdobe ImageReady for making animated image filesAdobe inDesign for creating printed versions of newslettersAdobe Page Maker (much older version of inDesign)Adobe Acrobat Pro for creating PDF documents

Which web browser software is on your system? Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeApple Safari
Have you ever used a FTP Client program (File Transfer Protocol)? YesNo

Do you use any mobile devices, such as your cell phone with internet or a tablet PC? Cell phone with internet browser capabilitiesTablet PC 6 to 7 inch screen sizeTablet PC with 8 to 11 screen size

What computer do you normally use? (brand and model)
What type of computer? TowerLaptopTablet

Do you have or ever used any Social Media accounts?
Do you want to be able to ‘syndicate’ your postings from these social media accounts to your website?
Do you want to sell products via your site? Don't knowYesNo

You learn how to do new tasks best when using: Written step-by-step instructionsVideos with step-by-step instructionsIn person tutorials